The garden at Aux 3 Portes guesthouse is a true haven of peace. The so-called wild or green garden is home to myriad trees and plants creating an incredible natural setting. The owner wanted to pay tribute to his good friend Madeleine Castaing through the garden. He worked with the great designer for 5 years and she even helped him plant the first flowers here. Most of the plants in the garden are wild so they grow on their own e.g. Acanthus. Among the plants you can admire are traveller’s trees, laurels, leadwort, succulents, fig trees, ferns, mimosas, bougainvillea and even philodendrons. The sheer variety showcases how exceptional the garden is. However, there are very few flowers as it faces the sea and is very much in the shade. The clifftop garden has incredible sea views. You can walk through the garden along its untamed grass or a staircase leading to the swimming pool. Whether you want to have a nap or unwind on a sun lounger, the wild garden sets the scene for unforgettable memories.